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Doug as Coach:

Doug Wilder coaches extraordinary business owners and honest attorneys who want a wild success with less stress.

Coaching clientele:

  • He has been coaching since December 1993.
  • Has coached over 150 clients, with each client representing 1 to 25 people coached
  • While every year has a different clientele mix, in 2005 the mix was:
  • 28% Lawyers
  • 3% CPAs
  • 5% Other Professionals
  • 46% Corporate Clients
  • 18% Others

Coaching results examples:

  • One attorney recently wrote, "Retaining you as my coach has easily been the best investment I have ever made."
  • A CPA was able to increase his income by 65% during the first year of being coached and an additional 35% the second year, with no additional time at work.
  • Another client made some fabulous changes in her life, both business and personal.

How does Doug get these and other phenomenal results?