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What makes Doug a great coach?

Clients say Doug is particularly adept at listening, and working with people to find focus, develop strategies, and make and keep commitments to themselves. He also has a rather distinct way of working with people to come up with magical answers and strategies. He is extremely careful to not be judgmental, nor be too harsh, nor too soft with each client. Even though Doug has designed a time-tested program contained in his notebook, he custom designs the program to fit each clientâs particular needs, desires, philosophy, and personality.

It is a mystery where Doug developed his coaching and listening style and distinct strategy skills. He did not have any formal coaching education. Perhaps it was:

  • Studying the many books and courses on sales, business improvement, and self-improvement, and turning the concepts into lessons easily adopted by clients
  • Dougâs becoming a facilitator for the Stephen Covey ã7 Habits of Highly Effective Peopleä program for the Chamber of Commerce, or a facilitator of the ãFastTrac IIä Business Plan Course for the University of Florida
  • A long working career, including corporate America, being tossed into sales, selling insurance and investments, asking thousands of people what made them successful, and then having clients ask Doug to set aside the financial talk and instead, for a fee, continue to teach them how to increase sales, reduce their stress, handle their employees, or handle their spouse
  • Dougâs pre-Law, liberal arts, political science education ending in a BA from the University of North Florida
  • The everlasting marriage begun in 1970 with Dot, who taught him everything he needed to know about relationships, and who has become a renown jazz singer at Jazz Festivals in Jacksonville and Guantanamo Bay (
  • The challenges of his three extraordinary, gifted children; good training for his extraordinary, gifted clients
  • A happy childhood with three older brothers; a younger sister; a flamboyant, self-employed father with Midwest Values (; and a charming mother with Southern Hospitality
  • Perhaps all of the above

What about Doug's community involvement?