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What does "success" mean to you?

Rate your success elements. 

1. Concept - Potential of the core concept to support your success.

2. Focus - Clarity of the ideal future; Vision, Mission and Goals in writing

3. Passion - Strong and persistent drive fueled by an unstoppable desire; Attitude

4. Strategy - The how to; Expertise and methodology; Technique

5. People - Leadership and relations with customers, workers, and others

6. Confidence - Belief that what you are doing is "right" and will be successful

7. Courage - Bravery to implement your plan and your passion despite risk

8. Go - Take the first step and keep going; Discipline; Behavior

You may print this page as a reminder of areas to improve. Feel free to send your results to Coach Doug for evaluation. You may call Coach Doug if you would like to discuss your findings or learn how this fits into your business or life.

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