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Employee Climate Survey - Confidential & informal

How long have you been an employee here?    

In general, how are things at work? 

Are there any specific issues that you think are important up-front?

What are your duties?   


Do you do them well?    


What does the company do?


Does it do it well?    


What is the company's mission?


Where do you see the company in one, three, five, and ten years?


How do you see yourself in those pictures, if at all?



What do you need to do to get there?

What would you like to company do to help you get there?

How do you view the leadership here?

How do you feel the other employees operate?

Is there a team?

How could the team perform better?

If there were more sales, could the company handle the work load?

What best motivates you:  Money, Recognition, Empowerment, Accomplishment, or other?

How are you financially compensated?

You may print this page as a reminder of areas to improve. Feel free to send your results to Coach Doug for evaluation. You may call Coach Doug if you would like to discuss your findings or learn how this fits into your business or life.

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