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Reasons some Entrepreneurs and Professionals bring in a coach:

Which of these are important to you?

Get focused
Reduce stress in your business and life
Stop procrastinating
Rekindle your passion for the business
Plan your Vision, Mission, and Goals
Move your business to the next level using six strategies
Create your new, powerful image
Target Market - expanding profits by narrowing focus
Create short self-introductions and long commercials
Become a proficient networker - meeting people for fun and profit
Learn the Wild Listening System, a sales alternative
Find and train a mentor
Making the cash flow projections easy
Manage your time more effectively
Grow your firm as a cohesive organization
Develop favorable relationships
Increase your profitability and income
Score high on the 8 Elements of Success
Reach your goals and enjoy life

What do you want that you currently don't have?

You may print this page as a reminder of areas to improve. Feel free to send your results to Coach Doug for evaluation. You may call Coach Doug if you would like to discuss your findings or learn how this fits into your business or life.



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