Other Surveys

What is a typical day for you?    

How would you rate yourself in sales skills:  Prospecting, Discovering, Presenting, Closing, Delivering, Post-Selling (Referrals and Repeat Business), Talking, Listening?

What gives you the most and least trouble:  attitude, behavior, or technique?  Explain.
How have your sales been in the past?  Why?   

Do you have records involving your sales process?  How often do you review them?  

What are your sales goals?  How often do you review them?

What sales systems have you been following, if any?   

Has a sales system worked well for you?  How?  Why?

If you had a system, would your sales improve?

What sales systems do you recall?

Would your life improve if your sales increased?  How?

Tell me more about your answer.

Please be even more specific about that answer?

How long have you wanted to improve the situation?

What have you done or what do you intend to do about it, or have you given up?

Try to quantify the cost of not solving it.

How does it make you feel?

If I had the power to improve your situation, what would you like me to do?

Can you afford the price to change?  Time, Money, Comfort.

If deciding on whether to take the steps to improve, what would your decision criteria and process look like?

If you could improve, and if you could afford it, and if it met your decision criteria and process, what would you do?

You may print this page as a reminder of areas to improve. Feel free to send your results to Coach Doug for evaluation. You may call Coach Doug if you would like to discuss your findings or learn how this fits into your business or life.

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