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"Retaining you as my coach has easily been the best investment I have ever made."

"My practice would not be where it is, if it weren't for you, especially the emphasis on Vision, Mission, Goals...  You truly care about your clients."

"He helped me figure out the concerns I had, and showed me they weren't insurmountable."

"I write to commend Doug Wilder as a business coach and mentor.  A few years ago, Doug and I worked together for a little over a year.  During that time Doug helped me to take control of my law practice rather than it control me.  He helped me learn how to work with prospective clients to turn them into not just clients, rather clients who refer clients.  A good deal of what is right in my practice began during the time I worked with Dough.  Since that time, I hired Doug to help me with a specific project, which Doug completed timely and satisfactorily, neither of which surprised me."

"I thank Doug as my business coach for helping me to define my vision, guide me towards my mission, establish long term goals and assist me to develop my marketing strategy and plans.

Doug Wilder teaches in a subtle but effective way.  He gets you to think out the answers.  Yet he believes in getting things done.  He directs my ideas and creativity into action.  The coach says, "The greatest idea is worthless until you do it."  He also encourages thinking outside the box and not to fear taking those necessary risks involved in new forms of action.  According to Doug, "Living on the edge is where the heroes stay."  Doug also is the all time master of flipping negatives into positives.  This is a life saver in the peaks and valleys of the world of small business.

Louisa May Alcot said, "The charm of all power is modesty."  In this modest and very positive manner.Doug is a source of power in the small business world in Jacksonville. "