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"Doug's greatest gift to me was his ability to help me listen to my own heart. He instructed me, with his wisdom and listening ear, to uncover my own dreams for the future."

"For anybody who is reinventing their journey in life, or needing a boost in their already established careers, Doug is the man to see!"

"I've already achieved my target goals·. You helped give me the clarity I needed to get myself active in this new direction."

"I would have never believed that any individual could have made such a dramatic impact on my business ö but Doug Wilder did. He, more than any other individual or organization had the most positive impact on the profitability of my business. I recommend Doug Wilder to any entrepreneur who is serious about building a successful business."

"You've really made a difference. I had started something new and needed help. You showed me that my dreams are possible."

"I have known Doug Wilder for eight years; initially as an acquaintance, later as his satisfied client, and currently as his client and friend. These few words capture his character. ÎDoug never fails to find the positive in people and in situations. He then zeros in and leverages that positive to a best possible payoff for those around him. You could say, he performs the miracle of compound interest with people.'"

"Doug made a significant positive impact on me and the results were greater focus and greater recommitment - I'm in Îthe business' - to coach a coach well is a rare talent."

"I admire Doug for many reasons. First, he always stays positive no matter what and it's very catchy. You can't talk to Doug and have dark thoughts! For him, a challenge or a problem is a welcomed opportunity to change something old, be it a habit or a thought. How simple! I have benefited many times from this attitude I adopted from Doug and I believe there is many of us who could say that. Second, Doug is very selfless. While a successful entrepreneur who gets paid for his services, Doug often offers his help and his wisdom unselfishly. One can always count on Doug - whenever and wherever. No wonder he has so many friends who admire and need him! Last, but not the least, Doug is one of the most persistent people I know. Being the believer in success as he is, he goes after his goal slowly but steadily and one can only learn from him his endurance and fortitude."

"Doug MAKES you force yourself do what you know you need to do, but maybe didn't know what is was or HOW to do it, in order to succeed. But he does it gently, without abuse nor criticism, just guidance and gentle encouragement. Then he gives you the tools to stay focused and motivated."

"[We] retained Doug Wilder to coach me in marketing and sales skills, as our division was preparing to introduce a new product into the · market place. Not only did he function as a professional coach, but also as a personal confidant. Utilizing his counseling skill coupled with his Îpatented' coaching process, he effectively merged both aspects of my life, personal and professional, working with me to devise a plan to help me focus on the business issues at hand.

"[The corporation's] business experience, and my personal and professional experience with Doug Wilder was exceptionally rewarding. During our six-month contact with Wilder Business Success, Inc., he was an effective coach, and became a professional colleague, a confidant and a friend."

"I would like to personally thank you for assisting several of my clients. Over the past eight years I have called upon you to help many business owners move their business to the next level. At times I have felt they were going to give up their dreams. You gave them the direction and assistance they needed to regain their motivation and take a different perspective on what they were doing for themselves and the community. It is a pleasure recommending you to my clients."

"Professionally, Doug provides a service that helps business people like myself get the most out of our businesses and our lives. ÎCoach' Doug has made a difference in the lives of his many current and former clients, and I am proud to count myself among them. While Doug's business is to help others grow their own businesses, I am convinced that Doug would be there helping others, and providing true leadership, even if that were not his job. For Doug it appears to be a way of life, and its own reward."

"Integrity, honesty, caring, knowledgeable, positive attitude, inspirational, persevering...all of these qualities describe a great personal coach, friend and community advocate...Doug Wilder."

"In 1999, I utilized his services as a business coach and strategic planner to analyze my business strengths and weaknesses and to help me develop a plan to increase sales and profitability of [my company]. Within a few short months, under Doug's direction, I increased sales by more than 50% and increased my profits by approximately $20,000. In addition, Doug helped me develop a proposal strategy and a negotiation strategy that I am still using today."